Guess What?


Happy  29th Birthday Boogie!!!

I hope you have an amazing time exploring Canada and Washington State with Sarah and Matt!! You deserve the best day on your birthday and traveling is probably the best way you could have chosen to celebrate it!

From Hickory I send you a big kiss and a huge hug! Today I will be thinking of you a lot. I will be thinking of how amazing and beautiful you are. I am extremely grateful for you and I cannot wait to take you on your birthday date! I am excited to see you looking atonishing on whatever outfit you put on that day!

Keep enjoying enjoying your trip and have the fantastic day ever because today is your birthday! Go get a nice fancy drink on me!

I love you very very much boogerhead!


PS: Obviously, I cannot wait to give you your birthday massage 😉

Happy  One Year Anniversary Booger!!!

Thank you for being my best friend for officially 365 days!! You are the most genuine and wonderful person I have ever met. Every day I am impressed by how much love you have in your heart, and I am extremely grateful you decide to share that love with me. Thank you for taking care of me, and giving me your undisputable love and affection every single day. Thank you for growing together with me, I have no doubts we are a strong couple and we would become an even stronger couple moving forward!! Seriously, I am very proud of you and I admire you my beautiful, sexy, smart, and intelligent woman!! You are a model, a boss lady, and you have an amazing heart. I am counting the days to seeing your beautiful face again and holding you tight in my arms! 
I love you very very much my tiny dancer!


PS: Touch with the top of your phone the middle of the picture of us that is hanging on the wall 😉

Hi my Happy Little Hippie,

Today is your first day at your new job, I want to tell you that I am very proud of you!! Your team does not know yet the amazing person they are getting on their team. I admire you for hustling through all the interviews and I have no doubts you will be impressing them all with your intelligence and smartness!
Congratulations on your first day my sexy smart pants!  You are all a boss-lady making banks now!!

I love you very much!!

PS: You do look like a happy little hippie with that beanie and drinking mate 😉


Hi sweet pea,

Look at the picture and tell me, what do you see? The most beautiful view I have ever seen!!  I guess the canyon on the back looks cool too. How can you look so beautiful even when we were freezing?!

This is a message to thank you for all the love that you give to me every day. I am very lucky to have such a caring partner like you. Thank you for being brave and constantly making the effort to become a better person and partner. Thank you for everything you do, from giving me massages, writing me notes to decorating the apartment at 4 a.m. to surprise me for my birthday. I am confident to say you are the absolute best lover in the whole entire world!! I love you!


PS: I can wait to spend the next few weekends with you relaxing and enjoying ourselves!

Hi beautiful,

Merry Christmas and I hope you had an amazing day celebrating Christmas with your family! This is a simple message to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me and my family on our family trip to Mexico. I am extremely grateful you were so determined to meet them and develop a positive relationship with them. All my family absolutely loved you!! (not surprising, just see how incredible you are!). I was very happy to share my favorite person in the whole world with my family and seeing you connecting so well was the best feeling ever!  Also, is it me or do you look like you belong to this family picture?!! 😉


PS: Now I cannot wait until I can see you again in a few days! A big Santi hug will be waiting for you, my sexy girl!

Hi beautiful, I hope you are having an amazing time in Mexico relaxing and having a blast with Jasina and Parker! Although your trip only lasts a few days I am already missing you and I cannot wait to see you and hold you again!!

 I cannot tell you how proud is my grandma right now, looking down from heaven, knowing that I have you as my partner, a truly amazing and wonderful person with the biggest heart I have ever seen!! She would have absolutely loved you!


PS: I will be waiting to give you the biggest and warmer hug ever!

Hi beautiful, this is a message to thank you for being so welcoming and accepting of me moving into your apartment and life. I really appreciate you taking the time on a busy and chaotic day to prepare this desk for me :).  What you did was the sweetest gesture in the world for me!! 

Thank you for accepting me in your space 🙂

PS: I’m looking forward to being your roommate!!

What is happiness? Happiness is knowing that every day when you arrive home after work your best friend and favorite person in the world will be there waiting, waiting with a smile from ear to ear to give you the best hug filled with love and happiness.
You make me happy even when the skies are grey. Thank you for being my sunshine every day.

Step 1: Hold the picture, and select “Add to photos”. Exit the app.
Step 2: Go to your phone settings. Scroll down until you find Spotify. Click Spotify. Allow Spotify to access your Camera.
Step 3: Open the Spotify app. Select “Search” located at the bottom-middle of the screen. Click the camera icon at the top-right corner.
Step 4: Click “Select from photos”. Select the photo, and drag it until the Spotify code is selected. Click “Choose”.
Step 5: Listen to the song 😉


Hi cutiepie, this is a message to let you know how much I appreciate the small things you do for me.
This note put the biggest smile on my face! I love your drawing and your sweet message! I really value the much you care about me, and you taking the time to show that love by doing cute actions and surprises to me. I am immensely grateful for you and I am so excited to hug your beautiful genuine heart again!!

PS: I cannot wait for that drawing to become reality and be in the Grand Canyon with you! 😉

Hi beautiful, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend celebrating Sarah’s wedding. This message is a reminder of how important you are to me. Do not doubt for a single second how happy you make me every single day! You do a lot for me and I really appreciate you. I genuinely love spending my days with you beautiful! I wish I could be at the top of a hike with you right now!

PS: I am cannot wait to see you on Sunday!

This weekend you made me feel like the most special person in the whole world. It’s hard to put in words how much you mean to me. It has been two months officially dating but I promise you it feels significantly a lot longer because I feel very strong and confident about you! Dancing with you in the kitchen was the most romantic way to end our two-month anniversary days I could have asked for! I can confidently say that I want you in my life for a long long time!

PS: Thank you for being my caring angel and happy two-month anniversary!!

Hi best girlfriend ever, I wanted to say thank you because you truly make me feel like our life is a romantic movie! I loved your surprise! Thank you for picking me up from work to take me on a surprise picnic lunch :). Thank you for being so thoughtful and so caring to me! You are the best girlfriend ever and I cannot wait to keep living in this romantic movie life with you!!

PS: I am so looking forward to spending the weekend in Raleigh with you!

Hi cutie, it makes me so happy to know you are having an amazing time with your friend!
I am counting the hours until I can wake up next to you again! Imagine having breakfast with the best human being in the world, that’s how lucky I am every morning! I cannot wait until this photo becomes my reality again!!


PS: Is it me or do you just look insanely cute in this picture?!!

Hi beautiful, this is a simple message to tell you how amazingly happy I feel to have you as my partner. You have a heart of gold and the most genuinely caring soul, two qualities that I absolutely love about you. You are my daily reminder that there are beautiful things in this life, and that is you! I cannot even hide how insanely attractive, sexy and beautiful I find you!


PS: I cannot wait to see you and hold you so tight!!